Why is sleep important?

Everyone do it. Sleeping is an existential basic need of all living things. If we sleep too little, we must contend with fatigue, irritability, and a weak immune system. Eventually, the cortisol is increased, and cardiovascular diseases are threatened. Nevertheless, the question of why we sleep is not yet clearly clarified scientifically. It is certain that sleep serves the regeneration. The body is not decommissioned during sleep, but works at full speed. Damaging cells are dismantled, essential proteins are built up and memories are stored. The fact is that we should do it and try to create a comfortable sleeping environment and to have the appropriate sleep-tools. Because this is the only way to find recovery.

With the right pillow the healthy sleep

Even if we change our sleeping position several times at night, each of us has his favorite sleeping posture. In order not to get stretched and wheeled out of the springs in the morning, the pillow should be examined more closely, and a specialist shop should not be shied away. Next to the mattress, the pillow decides whether we must fight with tension. Therefore, you should get expert advice before you buy a pillow at random store. For example, it is advisable for a side sleeper to get a side sleeper pillow, which is available in different sizes. The back and the cervical vertebrae area are relieved by being sufficiently supported. The shoulders are orthopedic correctly and the chest is not compressed. Those who consider their sleeping position and choose a suitable pillow create the best conditions for a relaxing and deep relaxed sleep.

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