Tips for a good healthy and restful sleep

Good and relaxing sleep is the basic requirement for a well-adjusted mind as well as optimal mental and physical performance. Sleep problems can in the long-term lead to significant restrictions on the quality of life and constitute a strong psychological problem. Modern living habits and hectic working life can have an extremely negative effect on sleep quality and cause great problems for many people when sleeping or having a night’s sleep.

Those who consciously avoid stress before bedtime, in the evening to take the right foods for a restful sleep and embed the body properly, will out the light, blissfully slumber and reawaken the next morning and wake up fresh again.

What is a good sleep?

If ever possible you should go to bed between 10pm and 11pm. Good sleep means you can fall asleep within five minutes. Those who are still awake after those 15 minutes should get up and do something until the fatigue comes: for example, read a book, drink non-stimulating tea, or listen to quiet music. Another characteristic of healthy sleep is the ability of asleep, and waking up from six to eight o’clock by itself and recovering. Around this time, the body begins to produce cortisol, which should automatically get us out of the feathers.

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