More Great Tips for a good healthy and restful sleep

Advice for healthy sleep

  • Meet regular sleep and alarm times
  • Ensure a good sleeping climate – fresh air, not warmer than 18 °c
  • Carefully select mattress and pillow
  • Do not take a sumptuous meal at a later hour
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol
  • Do not exercise extreme physical activity before bedtime, rather take a walk
  • Avoid any kind of excitement (quarrels, horror films, etc.) just before going to bed
  • Do not sleep during the day (especially for older people)
  • Restrict consumption of coffee, cola and the like from afternoon
  • The bed only for sleeping
  • Sleep and sedatives are only to be consulted with the doctor

Important information on sleep problems

Imbalance, concentration problems, headaches and performance degradation can be indications of a sleep disorder. If the complaints are received, please clarify these and the possible causes for medical reasons. Do not treat the sleep disorder on your own, many sleeping remedies have side effects and your taking is therefore subject to medical control.

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