Why is sleep important?

Everyone do it. Sleeping is an existential basic need of all living things. If we sleep too little, we must contend with fatigue, irritability, and a weak immune system. Eventually, the cortisol is increased, and cardiovascular diseases are threatened. Nevertheless, the question of why we sleep is not yet clearly... Read more »

More Great Tips for a good healthy and restful sleep

Advice for healthy sleep Meet regular sleep and alarm times Ensure a good sleeping climate – fresh air, not warmer than 18 °c Carefully select mattress and pillow Do not take a sumptuous meal at a later hour Don’t drink too much alcohol Do not exercise extreme physical activity before... Read more »

Tips for a good healthy and restful sleep

Good and relaxing sleep is the basic requirement for a well-adjusted mind as well as optimal mental and physical performance. Sleep problems can in the long-term lead to significant restrictions on the quality of life and constitute a strong psychological problem. Modern living habits and hectic working life can have... Read more »